Masahide Matsuda (마츠다 마사히데, born 1986) is a Japanese contemporary artist. He w orks in Tokyo and Berlin. He was first known for his multiple anonymous personalities on the internet, which collaborated with the public through alternate reality games and performances works re-questions the concepts of subjects and authorships of the after social media era, and has won several awards for practices to create new communalities by directly intervening in cities and societies. Revealing his real name in 2019, he aims to update people' through conceptual and poetic practices on post-internet's themes, including celebrities, economies and landscapes.

Text by Rintaro Fuse

Icon by Kai Yoshizawa


Magic Number, TOH, Tokyo (2022)

초현대 미술전, ANB Tokyo, Tokyo (2020)

White Magazine, EUKARYOTE, Tokyo (2019)

Black Box, AXIOM, Tokyo (2017)

Group exhibitions

신주쿠 유전 예술제, Decameron, Tokyo (2022)

Meta Fair, Sonoaida, Tokyo (2022)

Meta Mall, BnA Alter Museum, Kyoto (2022)

Standing Ovation 사지 건너편, Hotel Acao, Shizuoka (2021)

THE CHIBA CITY FESTIVAL OF ARTS, Jack into the Noösphere, Mihama-En, Chiba (2021)
Mimicry of Hollows 허의태, The 5th Floor, Tokyo (2021)

Mob World Reverb, TALION GALLERY, Tokyo (2021)

AIR SCG,  BnA Alter Museum, Kyoto (2021)

ENCOUNTERS, 타원을 만드는 법 , ANB Tokyo, Tokyo (2020)

SIGNALS, DiG Studio, Berlin (2017)

인프라 INFRA, Online (2017)


AMBIENT REVOLTS, ZK/U, Berlin (2018)

#LutherLenin, Studio Hrdinů, Prague (2018)

Meet the Bot, Feed the Bot, Kunstuniversität, Linz (2017)

TACIT FUTURES, Volksbühne, Berlin (2016)

Prix Ars Electronica Exhibition, OÖ Kulturquartier, Linz (2016)

ISEA 2016, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2016)

UN|COMMONS, Volksbühne, Berlin (2016)

TEDxTokyo, Hikarie Hall, Tokyo (2014)


​​The Laughing Man Club (2022)

Sazae Bot (2009)


Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Award of Distinction, Digital Communities (2016)

ISEA 2016, Hong Kong (2016)


A Field Guide to the Snowden Files, DIAMONDPAPER (2017)

Cyberarts 2016: International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica, Hatje Cantz (2016)


Lunatic Pandora, 미술 수첩 (2022)

Ripples, HYPEBEAST (2021)

Ripples, It's Nice That (2021)

Ripples, 미술 수첩 (2021)

초현대 미술전, Bound Baw (2020)

White Magazine, NEUT (2020)

Snowden through a prism, EXBERLINER (2017)

Ars Electronica Festival, FUZE (2016) ​​